My photo portfolio

My younger daughter has created my photo portfolio by selecting photos of her choice, then created a video. Hope you will like it 🙂

Photo Portfolio

Just adding some random thoughts as well –

  1. Try to solve one new problem every day, learn something new every week.
  2. 99.99 % of us die without making any difference to society at any level (city, state, country, or humanity as a whole). Most of the time we live life for ourselves or immediate relatives.
  3. Most of us just accept and get what life throws to us, which we can change with very little effort, but we normally don’t do that effort.

Tower bridge London

Its Tower bridge and not the London bridge, make sure you set your location in GPS right if travelling there.

Although if you alight around London bridge, you will get a chance to walk along beautiful riverside of Thames.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge