15th Wedding Anniversary

It was our 15th wedding anniversary on the 5th of December. Planned a lot of things, but failed to do anything. Low budget, corona, and bad condition of the car were the culprits. Anyways date of our marriage written on the invitation cards was 4th December, but the actual marriage happened in the early morning of the 5th. So all guests came on the 4th evening, enjoyed the party and returned. Our marriage took place in presence of our families only. Friends and family wish us on the 4th but we celebrate it on the 5th.

Asked the kids and wife to plan something for The Day, but nothing came up (As expected). Finally we all agreed to go out for a family dinner, nothing fancy. Went to a BBQ restaurant nearby. Food was okay-ish but kids got what they wanted, so not a bad deal.

15th Anniversary dinner with family

15th Anniversary dinner with family

We will get long weekends in December and January will plan to take them out then. As kids are growing up, I am finding it difficult to decide a place to visit, my interest is to visit a place with some historical importance and having good food, on the other hand, kids want to go to where they can buy everything of their choice and have zero interest in historical places, forests or wildlife. Well, it will be their choice which will always take precedence over mine, and this was the history as well. So I am now used to playing the role of a tour operator, a drive, a manger, a collie, and a friendly photographer.

I have mentioned it earlier as well, I will be probably going solo in January and have to fulfill their demand for an outing before that. Let’s see!