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The quest

I have bought my camera around 4 years back… was not sure what to buy Nikon or Canon… neither discussed this with anyone, just went and bought, was not having any training also…

Started learning how to operate it and still learning… learned some basics of photography, some rules and some tricks…

All these years I was shooting, posting, getting feedbacks and learning… learned something just recently that opened up my mind…

My quest has reached a point where I should keep a note of this 🙂

A landmark in my quest
A landmark in my quest

Its all about right exposure and depth of field after composition.

Fooling Camera

Every time I stuck somewhere I blamed my camera and tried to forget it. This was also the case when I failed to expose the subject behind bright background too. I always thought that solution lies in costly camera and lenses.

Read at many places that using fill-in flash will solve the problem. Flash hmmm… my Guru told me to forget that my camera has flash, so flash went out of option.

Regularly seeing photographs of professional photographer taking photo against bright sky while subject well in focus and exposed, wondered how they do it? Photoshop, reflectors, higher end cameras or God‘s gift? … None of these, simply explore your camera setting and you will be able to do it 😉 I am little late in learning this trick though 🙂

This may not be a compelling composition but, manage to get reddishness of evening in skies while subject well exposed, without any addition light source or reflectors. Still not close to what I want but, this is one of few shots I took after learning the trick, need some more time to improve 😀

Subject against bright background
Subject against bright background