Annie Besant School, Allahabad

Annie Besant School Allahabad, the school where I have studied from class-3 to class-8th. It was Junior High School (8th standard) at that time, now its Girls Intermediate (12th) School.

Too many memories attached to this school. Teachers, classmates, classes, prayers, water tank, playground… Few years back I tried visiting there, but school was closed so was unable get access… was lucky this time…

It was prayer time when we reached there… the rule to form queue is from shorter to taller… Being shorter, I use to stand in first 5 ­čÖé

Prayer Time

Prayer Time (Annie Besant School)

Main building and Prayer Stage

Main building and Prayer Stage (Annie Besant School)

Old Building

Old Building (Annie Besant School)

Place for group photo

Place for group photo (Annie Besant School)

25 Years Back

25 Years Back  (Annie Besant School)

First teacher from left is Ms. Shashikala Srivastva and next to her is Ms. Shashi Johri. Ms. Johri is presently principal of School. (I am in 3rd row from top and 3rd from right)

Classes 7A, 7B, 8A and 8B

Classes 7A, 7B, 8A and 8B (Annie Besant School)

Its 25 years since I left the school… most of teachers are retired now… 25 batches passed-out since then, I am sure there will be a “me” studying there in some class…

New Gen

New Gen (Annie Besant School)

Ms. Shashikala Srivastva

Ms. Shashikala Srivastva 


Genuine Smile

Was wondering in┬áKumbh mela┬átoday evening, encounter this boy, we talked for some time, then I said “show your teeth” and got this genuine smile from him :)… he made my day for sure…

Its rare to get a genuine smile these days… I hope this will make you smile too … cheers … have a good day

Genuine Smile

Genuine Smile