I am Pawan, a software engineer by profession and a photography student.

Started this blog to write about days which I lived, later interest in photography brings another flavor to it, would like to focus on photography mainly in future.

I bought my camera in 2009 without knowing anything about it, later started learning photography with help of my friends and self exploration. I don’t have any professional degree in photography but I have enough enthusiasm to learn every fine details of it. Travel and Landscape photography is what I want to have in my forte, it’s my dream to travel all UNESCO World Heritage Sites and photograph it. Unlike my other hobbies in which I have lost interest soon, photography I taking more control of me every day. It also works as my biggest stress buster, whenever I feel stressed, I take my camera and go out to some unknown place, between unknown people, living in a moment is what works for me. I wish I can share every those moments which I have lived :).

Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh, India) is my home town and I stayed in Singapore from 2006-2013 and moved back to India (Noida) in 2013. Touring India is another dream and that is why I am touring around places whenever getting chance.

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