Covid Experience

It was the day of Holi when we have got the news that my elder brother-in-law passed away due to cardiac arrest, we have rushed to my hometown, Prayagraj. He was sick for some time but we were not expecting that it will turn so bad. The train was not an option I have decided to drive. This was about the time when the covid second wave started picking up. After reaching Allahabad came to know that 3 of my relatives from my parent’s side have already passed away in the gap of few days.

Few days after reaching to hometown, my father, elder brother, and I all fell sick, it was Typhoid as per pathology lab, but it had all the symptoms of Covid, we called a lab to send someone for sample collection but no one turned up, my entire neighborhood stared coughing in few days, luckily all recovered except 3 unlucky ones. All 3 people who died were living not more than 10 feet away from my house.

I was constantly in touch with my friends in Ghaziabad, the situation here was even worst. My building alone had at least 15 deaths in April and May. We were only getting news of the deaths of many close and far relatives, friends, and known people in these 2 months. At one point I have lost hope for my life.

With the grace of God, the covid is slowing down and life is again coming back to normal, but fear of Covid returning is there.

As we have rushed to my hometown unplanned, so could not carry much, just a few sets of clothing, a work laptop, and a mobile, and spend more than 2 months there, the longest since I have left my hometown back in 2002. All these photos were taken from my below-average phone Redmi 6 Pro.

A sadhu is seen at the bank of river Yamuna. Prayagraj
New branches and leaves growing from the cut trunk
An old mansion sighted in Civil Lines, Prayagraj
Brother Balkrishan and Dr. Sharad chilling between berry bushes in the alluvium of Prayagraj
My car condition after returning from alluvium
An air-cooler shop and owner in Katra, Prayagraj
Company (East India) Garden, later renamed as Chandra Shekhar Azad park
Ram-Janki Temple
A couple of temples at the edge of Prayagraj alluvium, approximately 1 KM from my home. It was visible from my home rooftop in my childhood. The entire stretch is now packed with houses.
Flowers on Cactus
An old building in new Katra, Prayagraj
Sangam, Prayagraj
Dr. Sharad on his morning walk
All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad (Prayagraj). A gothic style beautiful building in the Civil Lines area
Keoti Fort, Sirmaur MP
Monsoon and roasted corn, one of the fond memories of childhood
Tea after our morning walks