I grew up in City of Allahabad, city situated in Ganga basin and surrounded by 2 rivers Ganga and Yamuna.

While playing with my brother and 2 of my friends we discovered a holm in our childhood. I still remember that it was winters of north India and sun was warm, wind was cool, we reached to a place where there were shallow branches of river Ganga, shallow so much that water was not even up to our knees, water was so clear that we were able to see fishes swimming in, both side of these river branches were having white sandy beaches and then mustard and pea fields on little height. It was a breathtaking site, beautiful day and we were far away from city.

It was a short but memorable childhood excursion. In this year trip, we (me and my brother) decided to give a try to reach that place again… we drove the car as much as we could but lost in fields… I am sure that place still exists and still as beautiful as our childhood memories… I will find it out in my next trip… 🙂

As this place gets flooded in rainy season, so there are hardly any trees. In winters land owners grow mustard, peas and other beans, while in summer watermelons and honeydews. So it’s all green till horizon in summer and yellow or green in winters.

Posting few photos of farthest place we were able to reach …

Mustard Field

Mustard Field

A branch of Ganga

A branch of Ganga



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