Was wondering around Marina Bay Sands to capture full moon with it, but moon rose far away from it, relocating to other place was near to impossible in short duration of time. Will give it another try later.

Thinking to get rid of cropped sensor camera and buy full frame one, as I have to go behind to compose what I want  and once go back it starts losing details, it sucks ! ISO, megapixels etc. are other problems. Not sure if its early to cough such a big money for it, will think … any suggestions are welcome 😀




4 thoughts on “Joggers

  1. Pawan bhai, you mean you want to shift from DX to FX … interesting Idea… but in that case you need to get more stronger shoulder and bigger Bag to carry the cameras….

  2. Hi Pawan, I also had that thought of going to the next camera without the crop factors…but I’m not yet convinced with myself that I’m prepared both technically and monetarily to go for it…I still feel I haven’t made the most of the existing camera and yet to go for new lenses for the same cam. But in your case, i believe you are way ahead and good to go….I know that it would put a sizable hole in your pocket, but you should go for it….after all, let’s “live” our life and “capture” the moments. After all, without ‘pain’ there is no ‘gain’. So be “bold” to take the pain in the pockets. :-)). I’m sure you won’t regret later… 🙂

    • Thanks Selva,

      Great photographers says “Camera is not important but the person behind it”.

      I am still in process of learning, its not about camera, its about understanding light, composing a shot and most importantly giving soul to a photo, so that it can be transformed into an image. Telling a story through a photograph is what will be my destination. Even the best DSLR has its limitations, my have little more :D.

      Ideally I should not shoot in low light conditions, use low focal length lens and give little more time in thinking before shooting and I can overcome limitations of camera.

      I shall wait little more, until I feel the need not urge or start earning though it 🙂

      Thanks for your visit

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