Old School Way

Tried my hand with “Praktica MTL-3” with “Kodak Gold” ISO 200 few days back, it was like and exam for me, seems I failed :P.

Photos were out of focus and over or under exposed, blaming it to DSLR where I can see preview and take another shot if exposure is not correct and can just set the camera to auto focus and let it take the pain of focusing at right spot…

Few shots turned out good though, posting 2 of them –

Car Wash 1

Car Wash 1

Car Wash 2

Car Wash 2


3 thoughts on “Old School Way

  1. Film is real digital is virtual. Digital automation made all the complexities so easy even children are taking photographs with DSLR in accurate focus and exposure. Light, composition, timing and vision are still the the most difficult part.

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