Its “Holika Dahan” tonight and Holi will be played tomorrow.

Plenty of memories of Allahabad are coming and going in front of my eyes.

Green and Red, fine and granular colors, varnish, smell of Abeer and Gulaal, Papad, Gujhiya and home made Potato Chips… ahhhhhh… Too much to recall and live those moments again, at least in imaginations…

Recalling memories of those years too when we did not played Holi. Change in equations, time and place, changes too many things. People say at this day even enemies hug each other, I wish it comes up true again. People are becoming more practical and reserve these days. I wish I can go back in time and play Holi of my school and college days again, it was a real fun… everything and everyone remains uncontrolled and wild till evening, loudspeakers at road crossings, showering water lines and dance of people colored from head to toe… its official day to remain uncontrolled throughout 😀 … what days were those … seriously missing Holi now…

Have fun filled and rocking Holi !!!



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