Changi Beach Park

Purpose of visit was to find tactically good BBQ pit which gives us additional edge for family events. Started afternoon with Anshu and kids, except couple of vomit by Aashi in cab all went well. πŸ˜€

Few of my friends never enjoyed BBQ being vegetarian; they have misconception that BBQ means only non-vegetarian dishes.Β  Because of fact that me belonging from a place which is more than 1500 KM away from sea, we never tried sea foods and being Brahmin by caste we were forced by the social structure to remain vegetarian throughout life.Β  Despite all odds our ancestors have invented many vegetarian dishes which can be cooked directly on coal/wood (my Dad is one of expert of that). It’s not long before, when I enjoyed those dishes India during winters. This is the time to reprise that here in Singapore and what else can be the best place than a BBQ pit facing open seas, couple of shelters around and this all place surrounded by big trees. To add more lust to it, let me inform you that the breeze at Changi Beach Park will take your breath away. As we are planning for a family event, most important aspect for a right location for me was, to have public restroom and drinking water facility nearby. You must be keen to know the pit number, correct? Sorry this is not a free service πŸ˜‰

To compensate your anger, posting few photographs –





Play @ Beach

Play @ Beach



I liked the last one, they were 2 old gentlemen having their chairs under the tree and were enjoying sea view, breeze and evening at Changi Beach Park.


3 thoughts on “Changi Beach Park

  1. Nice pictures, specially the couple sitting and enjoying beach view..
    Yes BBQ for Vegetarian is having lot of scope, but the non veg guys create a conflict, u cee.

    sure we will lock the bbq outing , but with some carfull planning

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