A devastating event happened in close relation, Arun a relative and close friend of mine, stock trader by profession went missing while returning back from a client place in Kolkata, India. It happened just after my return to Singapore. Police is clueless about his mysterious disappearance. I talked to him during my India trip and he was as cheerful as he always was.

We spent some very difficult time together in Delhi, he was studying in Ghaziabad and I was staying in Laxmi Nager (Trans Yamuna, Delhi), he use to visit me over weekends and spend a entire day with me. After his studies he shifted with me and started doing job in marketing. Later changed profile to stocks and moved to Kolkata, his high energy level and aggression paid off and soon he become vice president of the company. He was doing well and manages to buy his own house in such a short time; he was supposed to get married on 15 Dec 2010, less than 10 days after he disappearance. Everyone including police is just guessing, no clues so far. Please pray for his safe return back home, he is the only son of his parents. Unfortunately I don’t have his photograph, will post one if I can get it from anyone.

There were only 2 posts in December, other than the reason above, which kept me upset entire December, I was busy with documentation and other related thing at the same time. It has started just after returning back from India, first was renewal of family passes and then Aashi’s admission in nursery, things are settling down the corner nicely, hoping it will be over soon and I will get more time to write something and take and post few photographs.


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