No no I am not yelling at you to be silent, rather letting you know what is my surrounding 🙂 . I love it, I love silence, I love peace, I love nature and list goes one… because of this long list of my love I always remain in trouble :D. Contradictory is my love towards kids who are the most noisiest, I cannot remain happy if I am away from them for long. Too much of “I”… sorry for that 🙂

Well on recent updates, I have manage to process photographs of my fellow travelers Brother BK, Dr. Rajat and Dr. Sharad and mailed them. This was a responsibility and which is now fulfilled. They are excited from the trip and looking forward for another one soon…. But I doubt that it will be possible any time soon. 2 weeks in a year this is what the most I can get :(.

I wish I can explore India and rest of world before becoming too old or my time here finishes. My dad who is a doctor says that, “Our body is unpredictable, even life itself is so unpredictable”. Steve Jobs says, “Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else life”. Great people, great thoughts and I am following their thoughts, trying to live it before I reach my limit and doing it fast due to unpredictability factor ;). Haha… If anyone of you going to follow my way, make sure you first finish all your duties to family, nation and your company.

I have started reading about Himachal Pradesh in my free times; it is another beautiful state in north India. It has got Himalayan landscape which is full of beautiful conifer forest, ice capped mountains and green valleys. Though I have been to there at least 3 times but still a large and non-commercial part of it is still unknown me. Many cities of this state have become center of Buddhism in India due to large migration of Tibetan monks and people. Dalai Lama also stays in the city Dharmshala of this state. November to February will be good to enjoy snow and see snow fall, and March to June will be good to get rid of heat of plans. July to October is off season due to rain and this is probably right time for us :D, we can get cheap hotels and cheap taxies during this time though we need a little bit of luck at the same time to get good photographs due to overcast sky. Overall it’s a very beautiful and peaceful state, looking forward to visit this state in my next big trip.


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