Cricketing Action

It was our YPL Hub, much awaited and much popularized “Yishun Challenger Cup 2010”. Teams were Rishi Rhinos and Bhagirath Blasters. Result was 2-0 in favor of Rishi Rhinos, which is my team too. Next Cup will be on last Sunday of November. Going to miss it for three weeks due to my India trip 😦

The Trophy

The Trophy

Rishi on charge

Rishi on charge (Click to enlarge)

Rishi Duck on Beamer by Sunil

Rishi ducks on Beamer by Sunil (Click to enlarge)

Mithilesh on charge

Mithilesh on charge (Click to enlarge)

Dehydrated Rishi

Dehydrated & exhausted Rishi (Click to enlarge)

Kudeep & Viskash

Kuldeep & Gaurav (Click to enlarge)

Mithilesh, Sharan and Hemant Scroing

Mithilesh, Sharan and Hemant Scroing (Click to enlarge)

Ravi took splendid catch at boundary

Ravi took splendid catch at boundary (Click to enlarge)

Flying Sunil

Flying Sunil (Click to enlarge)

Sweet square cut

Sweet square cut by Vikash (Click to enlarge)

Worried Rajeev

Worried Rajeev (Click to enlarge)

Sensible batting by Hemant

Sensible batting by Hemant (Click to enlarge)

Viskash missed the line, boll took off stump

Gaurav missed the line, ball took his off-stump (Click to enlarge)

Our YPL Hub

Our YPL Hub, 19+me (Click to enlarge)


4 thoughts on “Cricketing Action

  1. Hi Pawan,

    You are a PRO!!! Amazing photographs!! The trophy shot is ULTIMATE!!!
    All the others as well, have captured the moods…

    Well, I cant find any mistakes in any of these photos, while you say that there are mistakes in it. It is hard for me to believe… 🙂

    • Thanks for your generous comments Selva,

      I am still learning photograph, It was just a careless mistake resulting in blurry ball and bat, though my camera and lenses are not that powerful to shoot sports, but still it could have been little better.

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