Cricketing Action

It was our YPL Hub, much awaited and much popularized “Yishun Challenger Cup 2010”. Teams were Rishi Rhinos and Bhagirath Blasters. Result was 2-0 in favor of Rishi Rhinos, which is my team too. Next Cup will be on last Sunday of November. Going to miss it for three weeks due to my India trip 😦

The Trophy

The Trophy

Rishi on charge

Rishi on charge (Click to enlarge)

Rishi Duck on Beamer by Sunil

Rishi ducks on Beamer by Sunil (Click to enlarge)

Mithilesh on charge

Mithilesh on charge (Click to enlarge)

Dehydrated Rishi

Dehydrated & exhausted Rishi (Click to enlarge)

Kudeep & Viskash

Kuldeep & Gaurav (Click to enlarge)

Mithilesh, Sharan and Hemant Scroing

Mithilesh, Sharan and Hemant Scroing (Click to enlarge)

Ravi took splendid catch at boundary

Ravi took splendid catch at boundary (Click to enlarge)

Flying Sunil

Flying Sunil (Click to enlarge)

Sweet square cut

Sweet square cut by Vikash (Click to enlarge)

Worried Rajeev

Worried Rajeev (Click to enlarge)

Sensible batting by Hemant

Sensible batting by Hemant (Click to enlarge)

Viskash missed the line, boll took off stump

Gaurav missed the line, ball took his off-stump (Click to enlarge)

Our YPL Hub

Our YPL Hub, 19+me (Click to enlarge)

One of last year trip

This is a small village just after crossing Allahabad border towards MP. Wondering why I did not posted this last year… Will be there again at almost same time of year… this time little more learned student of photography 😀

A small village

A small village (Click to enlarge)

lets play with Water

These days I am carrying 75-300mm lens most of time, I want to understand this lens before I land in India, shooting from close will not possible in most of cases, so I must learn how to use it.

I was waiting for rain to stop and my camera was in my bag,  saw nice water droplet dance and it appealed me, took few shots and got this one, note that my camera is not fast (fps) so taking this was a real challenge 🙂

lets play with Water

lets play with Water


Went to Suntec Convention Center this afternoon, haze cause by fire in Sumatra is clearly visible in atmosphere…





One Asia Fest is going on level 4 Suntec Convention Center along with Canon Photomarathon, sighted a young photographer trying to photograph moving cars, probably theme was speed, not sure though…

A young photographer in making

A young photographer in making

Witnessed some excellent photographic work by various photographers, it will be there tomorrow also, so those reading me today may plan a trip tomorrow…

Hope all have noticed this sculpture near Suntec Convention Center may time, posting most popular angle of it with thank to the unknown lady :).



All photographs were taken by my “Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM” lens, forgive me if I have broken any rule of landscape photography :D.

The Accident

It was around 12 noon of Monday and I was busy in office. My phone ringed, it was call from Anshu. She was crying and anxious. “Just come back home as soon as possible, bleeding is not stopping!!!” she almost shouted on phone and phone gets disconnected, I heard that Ishu was crying on the background during the call. I just rose like a spring from my chair and took my bag; I am not sure what I said to my colleague and started walking towards the door. I was very concerned and was sure something terrible has happened at home.  Felt that every stop of lift from level 5 to level 1 was taking a year, luckily got a cab just outside of campus. “It will at least take another 30-40 minutes to reach home”, I thought in my mind. Tried to make another call to Anshu and suggested to call her friends staying nearby, but she was still restless. I recalled that I have seen Rajeev online just before leaving desk, thought of give a try if he is at home (Rajeev is staying near to my place), luckily he was at home, I requested he can reach my place as see what went wrong and he immediately started, another lucky that there was no congestion at CTE due to non peak-hour.

During my way back I discussed with Rajeev to meet them at a clinic nearby, when I reached there, saw Rajeev as holding Ishu. Her right foot was covered with powder and various blood patches on her legs, there was no bleeding. Clinic staff was very courtesies and they immediately took us to Doctor. The doctor examined the wound but couldn’t see due to the powder all around it. He recommended us to go to K. K. or Polyclinic for further investigations and treatment.

During this time I manage to ask Anshu that how this happened and came to know that glass table was broken into 2 and sharp edge fell on Ishu’s right feet toe. Doctor at polyclinic mentioned that they are not sure if there is any glass piece in the wound or whether bone or tendons are also damaged, so referred us to K. K Women and Children hospital. Ishu was very stable, awake and chattering by this time, that make us little comfortable.

I dropped Anshu and Ishu back home and went straight to Aashi’s school, she was still in school and Rajeev was there to comfort her.

Saw the broken table first time and glass scattered around it posting few photographs taken from mobile.

Broken table 1

Broken table 1

Broken table 2

Broken table 2

We had little break and then started to KK.

X-Ray, fasting, anesthesia, examination and stitching were the processes she underwent. Luckily neither bones nor tandem were damage and there were no glass pieces inside.

Thanks to Rajeev, as he always did it before, came forward again to help for one more time. Many other friends also called to ask if we need any help. This was another learning lesson of life; never keep any glass souvenirs when you have young and very active kids.

God bless!!!