Loads of tasks are waiting for my attention and I am not getting enough time to look into that. India trip is planned in November and tickets are booked, so the deadline to finish these tasks is already decided. Renewing kids and wife long term passes is one of the most important activities, hope I will be able to get all done before I fly to India, luckily ICA is walk able from my work place.

November is only 2 months away now. This time it will be a year since I have been visited Allahabad, probably the longest duration away from home town. While chatting with brother (BK) asked about weather condition, it’s just perfect to tour those places where we have visited last year. All falls are full of water and Vindhyachal hills are lush green because of good monsoon this year. Unfortunately it is hot and humid at the same time, so traveling with kids will not be a good idea. October will be the month when monsoon will slow down and winters will start taking over the weather of most of North-India. This will be the time of taking warm cloths out from boxes and drying it under the Sun to get rid of any moisture and smell of Naphthalene.  I always enjoyed this transition of weather and time of continues festivals Dashera, Durga Pooja and then Diwali during my days in Allahabad… missing it.

Beginning of winters also brings fog which is not good for photography, especially when you are planning to shoot landscape. Unlike now when we can get clear sky often, bright sunshine and blue sky is rare during winters… long expose, low ISO and manual focus are going to keys for this kind of foggy weather.

In my opinion a memorable tour needs 2 main things, first old friends and second good knowledge of places of interest, luckily I have got both. This year also we will be traveling in MP (Madhya Pradesh) state and will be covering a World Heritage Site (Khajuraho), a hill station (Pachmarhi) and everything in between because we will be driving by our own. Driving by our own is another adventures part of it, which is going to be approximately 1000 KM round trip. Praying that everyone remain in good health so that we can execute what we have planned so far.
So this is it for the time… sharing a photograph of Ishu which I have taken last night… 🙂




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