Was thinking over this word from quite long, but was busy with album so did not got enough time to collect whatever I have and write, got some time again so putting my thoughts here. Please try to remain awake …

Well as you can find that word “Instinct” can be defined as “Inborn behavior”, means a behavioral pattern hardcoded genetically into DNA’s. Being a Bio student I will definitely agree with it and guess most of us also. Not sure how many of you will agree that we are aggressive or defensive, active or slow, sharp or dull, shy or extrovert, cleaver, intelligent or dumb by birth, but I do. Definitely education plays a very vital role in everyone’s life and most of the times our education system molds us in such a way that we can do well to our society and live a good life. But our instinct remains with us and keeps on popping up from time to time.

Corporates have a defined culture and those who are in have to follow certain guidelines for their behavior, but still the instinct remains with us helps or hinders in our growth on corporate ladder. In general I will categories corporate employees in 3 broad categories, first are those lives a corporate life 24/7, second who remain on mask from 9-6 and you will find a different person all together in them after office hours and third are those who remain what they are 24/7. The best will be a correct mix of mask and instinct. This is the reason why there are only few keep on growing while other remains on more or less same place through out their career. Nowadays we will hardly find anyone belongs to category three but they still exist and I will say, “God bless them”. To those belong to first category I will say, “Dude! Your kids are too young to understand the complicated language you are using with them”.

The younger generation which is on the way to join the workforce, its important for them to remain calm and keep looking around, explore new things use it and if it is not useful then just move on. Its time of rapid change and quick move, human will soon become a mechanical unit at work; no one is going to tolerate you if your negative instincts keep on popping up.


2 thoughts on “Instinct

  1. Hmm… you are too late now.. i must have told all these stuff to me 3 years ago.. anyways i can still find some good things from this.. 🙂

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