My Big Image Gallery Version 1.0

Feeling great to share the work I have did so far.

Given it a name MyBIG (abbr. My Big Image Gallery) and releasing its first version soon.

Will release it under GNU General Public License. So need to go through it thoroughly before I take any action. There are other complications also, need to work on that.

Meanwhile here is a feature list of application –

  1. Cross platform
  2. Fast
  3. Easily configurable
  4. Can run over current folder system
  5. Small, its total size is less than 35KB
  6. Expandable images, you can re-size your photographs as per your screen size at run time
  7. Category enabled
  8. Written in HTML, JavaScript and CSS only
  9. No browser plug-in needed
  10. HTML5 and CSS3 compatible
  11. Runs on just one XML feed

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