My Big Photo Album (8)

Just a quick update before I go to bed, taken out fade-in and fade-out from large photo load. It keeps on stacking up if I navigate quickly.

RSS is fully functional now 🙂

You can take a look at

That was it for the album and now little about my laptop repair. I already planned that will buy a desktop in a day or two, decided to make a try if I can still revive it, so went to Sim Lim square on Saturday afternoon. The repairer initially quoted me $180 for chip replacement, but when I returned back to collected got news that it was not just mother board but key-board, mouse pad and DVD RW was also spoiled due to water and total cost for repair increases to $350 :(. Collected and returned back to home around 10 PM.

I am taking this expense of $350 very positively :D, because I manage to save $1650. The price of the desktop which I have selected is $2000. Feeling little sad that I would have been saved full 2K if my kids were not conducted the test.


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