My Big Album (7)

Was away for some time from blog, but not away from “My big Album”.

After getting many opinions from you, did some extensive code changes, especially in jQuery part.

Now there is just one xml feed sending data and then jQuery is taking care of rest of thing. (Except comment part)

As accommodating comments also in the same feed was not feasible, so comments will appear by a separate request, but total comment counts will be provided by first xml feed. Submission is another hit to server.

So if we take out comment part this album needs just one xml feed to run 🙂 (its a hint for those looking for free web album application which runs on just one feed), I won’t mind if you take front-end code from here without even informing me, but the risk is yours 😉 .

I hope you all like my approach of enlarging photograph, I have added actual and current sizes of photographs.

Also added an RSS feed, which will show thumbnail and description in feed, links are still non-functional, this is the difficult part.

I have to return back to admin end now, its huge I am putting up everything whatever I thought and needed.

Meanwhile please take a look at

Please use firefox to view this, I haven’t tested in others … sorry 😛


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