My Big Album (4)

Here is a little info about this album.

Why I have started writing this by my own? –

  1. To make provision of category.
  2. To post comments for each photograph.
  3. To show larger photographs.
  4. There are few good albums but they needs browser plug-in to run.
  5. Space utilization without showing scroll, this is the most motivating for me to write my own.
  6. To enjoy freedom to write long description about photograph.
  7. Too little functional or absent admin end. Will add those here as soon as I am done with those features. 😉 .

What I have so far? (as on 02-July-2010: 10:35 SGT) –

  1. Listing of categories with number of photographs present for each.
  2. Image details where I can write whatever I want.
  3. Feature to add comments (currently disabled) and listing with each photographs Comments, it also shows number of comments for each photographs.
  4. Thumbnails to jump to directly to the photograph.
  5. Fixed height for images but has 2 templates, so that I can switch to my desired format. I tried my level best to make it fit in most of resolutions without showing scroll bar.

What else I want to achieve? –

  1. Will write later, its too early to disclose.

You can take a look at both formats from following links –

Large image (976X650) format Click here to check

Medium image (800X533) format Click here to check

Please note that few images are smaller than height 650px and scaled to fit to the box, so they may look dim (not distorted)

Updated the main page for this  with same content as above at


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