My Big Album (3)

A quick shower just now, changes weather to pleasant 🙂 and I am back with update on “My Big Album”.

Did little coding tonight and
–    Added ‘number of photographs’ for each category after ‘category name’.
–    Changed image description to remain Close after loading, It was irritating earlier (I guess :D)
–    Added large image preload until it crashes your browser (Kidding hehe). It will only preload max 5 large images at a time.

Forgot to update last night, that now thumbnails are different than large images, so page load will be faster.

One more thing, you can not comment on comment box of album, so please don’t try it, OK?

You can visit large and medium versions of “My Big Album” at –
Large format (F11 needed)
Medium format (No F11 needed)

Please help me to improve this and let me know if any of the version is not coming up to your screen and showing scrolling, will fix it.

Ending here with a bad news that my kids had played all possible types of games with the mouse, so my ages old laptop is now failing in even recognizing it. Rubbing fingers on mouse pad is what I always hated, so will buy a new mouse over this weekend.

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