The Keertan (kirtan)

Visited Rajeev’s place for a Keertan (or Kirtan – A Player), requested for forgiveness for all sins, forgiveness for sins which I did and never did.

Asked his permission if I can post those photographs and after the permissions posting here.

कीर्तन (Keertan)

कीर्तन (Keertan)

As far as development of my big album is concerned I am satisfied with what I have did so far, now work is need more at administrative end than front end. So nothing to update you on that.

Yes of course I have to remove few stupids photographs from there and add some better once. The album is already 1+ years old and during this time I have figured out that those whom I was thinking good are not appealing at all… This is all part of anyone’s learning process and I don’t have any shame in sharing this will you all 🙂

Did what I not wanted

Did a little piece of coding at back-end to find width and height of thumbnails and added to xml feed. It was rather easy but this is what i never wanted.

PHP code to find photo dimension

XML Feed attributes

What I was trying to achieve is to find width and height of photos using jQuery and creating <img> attributes at run-time, unfortunately execution of loop was too fast that image tag was getting populated before jQuery can even cache thumbnails and was resulting in width=NaN 😀

Anyways this approach is working. It was working even without creating placeholder earlier, just only some times my right navigation thumbnail arrow was disappearing 😛 .

Sorry for those, who find it hard to digest… its little techie this time 😀

My Big Photo Album (8)

Just a quick update before I go to bed, taken out fade-in and fade-out from large photo load. It keeps on stacking up if I navigate quickly.

RSS is fully functional now 🙂

You can take a look at

That was it for the album and now little about my laptop repair. I already planned that will buy a desktop in a day or two, decided to make a try if I can still revive it, so went to Sim Lim square on Saturday afternoon. The repairer initially quoted me $180 for chip replacement, but when I returned back to collected got news that it was not just mother board but key-board, mouse pad and DVD RW was also spoiled due to water and total cost for repair increases to $350 :(. Collected and returned back to home around 10 PM.

I am taking this expense of $350 very positively :D, because I manage to save $1650. The price of the desktop which I have selected is $2000. Feeling little sad that I would have been saved full 2K if my kids were not conducted the test.

Laptop Test Results

My kids conducted a secret test on my laptop yesterday without informing home ministry (wife).

The objective of test was to find out whether the laptop is water resistant or not.

The outcome – my laptop stopped responding after that.

Hence it is proved that “My laptop WAS not water resistant

Yes its dead now :D.

My Big Album (7)

Was away for some time from blog, but not away from “My big Album”.

After getting many opinions from you, did some extensive code changes, especially in jQuery part.

Now there is just one xml feed sending data and then jQuery is taking care of rest of thing. (Except comment part)

As accommodating comments also in the same feed was not feasible, so comments will appear by a separate request, but total comment counts will be provided by first xml feed. Submission is another hit to server.

So if we take out comment part this album needs just one xml feed to run 🙂 (its a hint for those looking for free web album application which runs on just one feed), I won’t mind if you take front-end code from here without even informing me, but the risk is yours 😉 .

I hope you all like my approach of enlarging photograph, I have added actual and current sizes of photographs.

Also added an RSS feed, which will show thumbnail and description in feed, links are still non-functional, this is the difficult part.

I have to return back to admin end now, its huge I am putting up everything whatever I thought and needed.

Meanwhile please take a look at

Please use firefox to view this, I haven’t tested in others … sorry 😛

My Big Album (5)

I think now i am done with front end, and can start looking at the admin part of it.

What i have today are –

  1. Toggle screen from small to large link at top right corner.
  2. Made comments  functional, which has taken most of my free time today :D.

its 2 AM already, got to go now…

Please take a look at

more later 🙂

My Big Album (4)

Here is a little info about this album.

Why I have started writing this by my own? –

  1. To make provision of category.
  2. To post comments for each photograph.
  3. To show larger photographs.
  4. There are few good albums but they needs browser plug-in to run.
  5. Space utilization without showing scroll, this is the most motivating for me to write my own.
  6. To enjoy freedom to write long description about photograph.
  7. Too little functional or absent admin end. Will add those here as soon as I am done with those features. 😉 .

What I have so far? (as on 02-July-2010: 10:35 SGT) –

  1. Listing of categories with number of photographs present for each.
  2. Image details where I can write whatever I want.
  3. Feature to add comments (currently disabled) and listing with each photographs Comments, it also shows number of comments for each photographs.
  4. Thumbnails to jump to directly to the photograph.
  5. Fixed height for images but has 2 templates, so that I can switch to my desired format. I tried my level best to make it fit in most of resolutions without showing scroll bar.

What else I want to achieve? –

  1. Will write later, its too early to disclose.

You can take a look at both formats from following links –

Large image (976X650) format Click here to check

Medium image (800X533) format Click here to check

Please note that few images are smaller than height 650px and scaled to fit to the box, so they may look dim (not distorted)

Updated the main page for this  with same content as above at

My Big Album (3)

A quick shower just now, changes weather to pleasant 🙂 and I am back with update on “My Big Album”.

Did little coding tonight and
–    Added ‘number of photographs’ for each category after ‘category name’.
–    Changed image description to remain Close after loading, It was irritating earlier (I guess :D)
–    Added large image preload until it crashes your browser (Kidding hehe). It will only preload max 5 large images at a time.

Forgot to update last night, that now thumbnails are different than large images, so page load will be faster.

One more thing, you can not comment on comment box of album, so please don’t try it, OK?

You can visit large and medium versions of “My Big Album” at –
Large format (F11 needed)
Medium format (No F11 needed)

Please help me to improve this and let me know if any of the version is not coming up to your screen and showing scrolling, will fix it.

Ending here with a bad news that my kids had played all possible types of games with the mouse, so my ages old laptop is now failing in even recognizing it. Rubbing fingers on mouse pad is what I always hated, so will buy a new mouse over this weekend.

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My Big Album (2)

It has got 2 flavors now –

Large image (976X650) Click following link to check (F11 needed)

Medium image (800X533) Click following link to check (No F11 needed)

Sorry for bothering those who are not interested 😀

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