Few photographs

Though the day was dedicated to cricket and outing to Jurong Water Theme Park, but photographically I have only 2 things to share. First is the “Aashi in her little dream world” and second one is “Mimosa pudica” plant. In Hindi Mimosa pudica is also known as “Chui Mui” and it has a peculiar characteristic of touch sensitivity, it very commonly available herb in Singapore.

We were sitting in train and moving towards Jurong, Aashi was sitting on the back seat of twin pram, cover of first seat was looking good around her while she was resting her head on seat.

Aashi in her little dream world

Aashi in her little dream world

While on our way back to home we had a short trip towards Chinese garden, saw an herbaceous plant by the way, touched a branch to test whether it really Mimosa pudica or something else, and yes it was, posting a grouping of 2 consecutive shots in one photograph. I am not sure, if it’s a right way to show a photograph, but it has botanical value for sure.

Mimosa pudica (Chui Mui)

Mimosa pudica (Chui Mui)

We heard a bad news while on our way to Jurong. There was an accident on MRT track near Sembawang.


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