Sitting in a silent room, kids went to bed and TV is switched off so I can hear clock-ticks and sound of cars coming outside for parking.

It seems that India trip this year will not be possible or not possible in August-September at least 😦 , means no “Valley of Flowers” this year too. I am begging forgiveness from BK, Sharad and Dr. Rajat, meanwhile praying for some miracle to happen.

BK in particular will be very much disappointed as he was very excited about this trip. They have few others plans together for hills of MP, I hope these trips will help them overcoming sorrow due to cancellation of VoF trip. There are many other important things waiting my attention right now than the trip.

Dreaming some day I will be able to travel entire India, there are many destinations I wish to travel especially in Himalayas; I was always fascinated by mountains since my childhood and still remember our first and most memorable trip to Nanital when I was 14 years old. I am well aware of fact that traveling is not easy in mountains especially in rain and winters but to get max of it this is the right time too 🙂 .


2 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Hey Pawan

    I’m on MC today so was lazing around with the laptop all day….chanced upon your blog, I like it. But now my work is cut out…will have to read all old posts!!
    Nice pix…well, I will get back to my work i.e. reading your blog (good that i have 2 days of MC!)

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