Was watching India and Australia match (T20 world cup cricket) on Friday night, heard a lot about Indian cricket team in past few years, though never got a chance to watch their match in recent years. I lost all my interest in cricket a long way back (10-12 years). My friends told me that now they have improved a lot and doing great in cricket, but what I saw confirms my thoughts again that they haven’t changed, bowlers were bowling poorly and batsmen given up one after another, this is same way of batting they were doing 12 years back, nothing is changed, very same mindset and give up approach.

I never understood the fundamental behind focusing on “taking wickets” rather than “saving run” in T20 format. What is the need to put efforts to take wickets when one is innings is only of 20 overs. In my opinion bowling wicket to wicket and not giving batsman room to play shot will be best strategy here. I am not an expert of cricket but if “saving run” approach is used, batsman will throw it wickets in frustration.

I am not sure if anyone will implement it, but thought to share and wishing my voice will reach to those for which it was meant.

We have started playing cricket on weekends, it’s know as YPL (Yishun Premier League) 😀 , it doesn’t matter that we are 18 in emails but only 8 are coming to ground on any weekend. Today was my second day, played for 3 hrs. from 7 to 10 of morning, feeling too tired. Every of body which has got muscle is paining.

This condition is knows as “Muscle Fatigue”. The little I have remembered from my studies is that muscle fatigue occurs when our muscles works more than normal, this situation leads to lack of supply of oxygen to muscle, due to this the glucose in body gets converted into Lactic Acid rather than burning completely and gets accumulated in between muscles. Being acidic in nature lactic acid irritates muscles resulting in pain. The process of burning glucose without oxygen and converting into lactic acid is known as Anaerobic Oxidation. In general we do Aerobic Oxidation where glucose get burned completely and release energy . Anaerobic oxidation releases energy faster than aerobic though.

It gets cured by it self with time, as whenever body gets oxygen, it removes lactic acid by processing it. To speed up this process what the best we can do is to do a warm oil massage or warm water bath.


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