Got few off line messages from Gudiya asking why I am not blogging from some times, she has also asked if all is well. Well, “All izz well”, I was just busy with work related activities, so did not have enough time to write anything. Really sorry to those unknown readers who came and returned back without anything.

Watched my first T20 match yesterday, it was India vs. Afghanistan. Good to see Afghans manage to put a respectable total on score board. My best wishes for their good future.

I have tested myself to limit in past one month, learned many things new and strongly willing to implement those soon. A lot has been changed in terms of technologies in past few years, and change was even quicker in last one years. Fortunately, I am not far behind and catching up will be fast. During this process of testing, I missed the fun part, will regain it also and soon 😉 .

Yes! I still remember that I owe you details of my Malacca trip, will log it in a day or two 😉 …

Take care


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