How we reached there is another story… will write in next post … meanwhile take a look at photographs. 🙂

Bali Trip

After returning back from Bali, my friends asked plenty of question about trip planning to Bali. Thought to share few tips which may help you if you are planning a trip to Bali –

  • Bali is not a small island. From Kuta (South) to Singaraja (North), it takes 3 hrs of drive.
  • Weather in South Bali is hot, but at highlands like Bedugul or Kintamani it is pleasant.
  • Uluwatu temple (at cliff) is full of naughty monkeys, be careful if you are traveling with kids. Having any edible items or wearing any shiny objects like goggles, ring or chain is not recommended.
  • Gunung Kawi Temple has very long downhill path of stairs, it will be tiring trip if alone and very tiring with young kids, note that its hot their.
  • Road condition is good but mostly 2 lane roads one to for each way.
  • If you can plan your trip in weekday it will come much cheaper. You can always keep an eye on airlines and hotel rates. I used for reviews and to book hotel, while AirAsia for air ticket, its 2 and half hour away by air from Singapore.
  • You need not worry about local transport, your hotel can arrange best option.
  • If you love photography 3 days will not be sufficient, as there are plenty of panoramic natural landscape to shoot.
  • Locals are friendly, cheerful and helpful.
  • Food is good and you can get whatever you want. We had 3 very good North-Indian dinners.
  • Over all its a very beautiful island for a long vacation.

Its very sad that such a beautiful place faces a couple of terrorist attacks.