Will be out for Bali

  • Will return back on Sunday evening, please don’t try to reach me on my phone, but you can keep on posting your messages and text.
  • Was feeling heavy; so took MC.
  • Still need to pack few things.
  • Search for GND (Graduated Neutral Density) filter has taken a lot of time, have a 1 GIG, micro-SD with adaptor and it works with camera, but have only one battery.
  • Battery is charged, shouldn’t be a problem if I am not unlucky.
  • I have more camera accessory than my canon bag can keep, dreaming to have a bigger bag. 😛
  • Kept tickets, hotel booking, ICs, passport and re-entry permit, but need to double check before leaving.
  • Have to look into kids’ belongings, especially their food and medicines, their pack their cloths and mine too.
  • My ticket has flight timing as 8:30, while Changi website shows 8:00, not sure which is the correct, will be there at 6, its terminal 1.
  • There will not be any mobile or laptop for coming 4 days, don’t get me wrong, being an addict of these I am not feeling happy 😛 .
  • Got to go now… have to double check packing…

Keep rocking !!!


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