The most magnificent feeling for me is when I hug my kids and they lay their head on my shoulder, words are not enough to explain that, those who have kids especially young can understand. It’s just a matter of 2-3 years more and they will be busy in their schools and friends; probably not as available as they are these days. Though having 2 very young kids is a tough job :P. I must praise efforts of Anshu for taking care of them all the time. It’s a 24X7 job for her without any break, No Sick Leaves, No Annual Leave, nothing.

As far as this Sunday is concern, we were busy doing some shopping for Bali, only packing is remaining, we still have 2 nights, so won’t be a problem. Coming three are work days and I still need to go for cleaning of my camera, viewfinder has got a big particle :(, not sure how long cleaning will take, else I have to live with it for this trip.

Have to go to bed now, have to wake-up early.

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