Memories of Delhi

The day started with a sad news… Anurag pinged me on msn and informed Vijay Bhaiya passed away due to heart failure. A very helping man who always stand with us in our difficult times in Delhi is no more. My condolences to family, whom I always considered as my own … very own …

It was all started in early 2002, just before summer, I returned back from Katra (Allahabad) after handing over my Air cooler to repairer, it was 8 PM, my second brother (BK) informed me that he has got call from Anurag (who was in Delhi), that his company has some opening of software developer and they are conducting interviews tomorrow. He wants me to come and attend the interview. Anurag was already there in Delhi from past 3 months searching for a job.

I was not in mood to go there, as the time was too less and I was not prepared, but my brothers  forced me to go and make a try. The train to Delhi (Prayagraj Express) was at 9:30 PM, I simply pushed a pair of my cloths and a light sheet in a bag and started for railway station. Took a general ticket and boarded on a packed train.

Luckily got a half seat, it means half of my back was on seat and rest half on air, pulled a briefcase under me to get a seat for rest of my back. Just to add general class has wooden seats and I was going to spend rest of my night like this, sleepless and siting in such a uncomfortable situation. I was attending interview next days. I was not use to with the pace of Delhi and visited Delhi once or twice before that, so requested Anurag to come and pick me from railway station, I was nervous even after that.

We went straight to the company and attended the interview, this was my first interview, I was still not keen for a job so attended without any fear. There was no response of outcome from them after 2 days, I told Anurag to check with them, if they don’t need me there is no point wasting time here.

Result was positive and I have got my first job in Delhi, my initial salary was 5.5K (INR).

We were 3 guys staying in one Room (10×10) with a flooded kitchen and a common toilet in Katwaria Sarai. I had a trip to Allahabad within 2 weeks and bring my other belongings to Delhi.

Disaster strikes within 15 days, when we saw the lock of our room was broken and some burglar wiped-out all our belongings, including first salary of Anurag, they left only documents and nothing else. Total loss was around 50K (INR).

Anurag’s sis husband Mr. Sanjay came into the picture and supported with best what he can do for us. He took us to his friends house, which was closed for last 6-7 years in Laxmi Nager area. It was a 2 room flat and after spending bone-cracking day in cleaning, we manage to clean one room and started there as tenants. Here we met Vijay bhaiya for first time, he was renting the house next to us, while his own house was under construction in next street. The house was safe and we spend 2+ years over there and then moved to Vijay bhaiyas house as a tenant.

During our initial days Mr. Sanjay helped us buying a second hand scooter so that we can reach office on time. The scooter was having a character, once you stop it at traffic signal, it never starts in one kick, so Anurag keeps on kicking the scooter continuously, while traffic behind us keeps on scolding on us. As he was the person driving the scooter most of times, so he was the one who kicks also. Kicking gives me a illusion that he is dancing on hard beats. :D, now I know how can he dance well…

After settling down in Delhi, we have called our other classmates to Delhi for any opportunity we came across, and tried our level best for them to settle down. For few we manage to help, few are still angry that we didn’t helped them in tough time, one of them angry is my sisterly Ragini, whom we call Rags lovingly. Please forgive us if possible Rags…

My first job in Delhi didn’t lost for long, in an unfortunate day, when we had just returned back from lunch, our project manager call all of us in main hall. One of the three MD’s of company announce that due to failure of getting projects, we have decided to shutdown the company. It was just 6 months and a company of 35+ people shuts down its process within an hour.

Both me and Anurag were jobless, luckily he got another job within 10 days and pulled me IN in 15 days of his joining. Those 25 days without job were one of most difficult days of my life so far. Everyone back home were assuming that we are doing job, while I was not having any savings to survive, I was looking for any job possible including working on shop, typing work or home tuition.

Rest of my 4 years in Delhi I have spent with same company. In beginning, we were sleeping in office on alternate nights, so that we can work more to deliver project on time. We have started with 4 people including owner of company and by the time I left we were 20 over.


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