How to travel overseas

Before you start let me tell you that you may find it funny, as I have written this small guide for my dad, who is coming to Singapore from New Delhi, it’s his first journey overseas and first journey by any airliner. After sending this to him I realized that it can be helpful for many others who are traveling overseas for the first time and by airliners; so sharing with you all. Please read following points before your start preparing to pack your baggage –

1.    Before leaving home make sure you have following documents with you –

  • a.    Passport
  • b.    Tickets
  • c.    Visa
  • d.    Keep a pen with you

2.    For each person you can carry 2 bags, one hand bag and another to check-in. You can keep hand baggage with you during flight, while other one you have to check-in while getting boarding pass.

3.    Weight of hand-baggage can not be more than predefined limit mentioned in your ticket or terms and conditions of that Airliner and you can not have sharp objects (Blade, knife, nail cutter etc) or any liquid more than 25ml (this may  vary).

4.    Weight of baggage to check-in can not be more than predefined limit set by Airliner.

5.    It’s good to have a weighing spring at home; you can use it to fine-tune baggage weight.

6.    Make sure you have documents in your hand-baggage, DO NOT keep documents in baggage to check-in; you will need those documents during flight and after landing to the destination. You will not have any access of you check-in baggage during flight.

7.    Reach 3 hours before flight to the airport.

8.    Keep you phone ON until you board the plane; you may need to call your relative overseas for any help. After seating on plan you will be told to switch off the phone.

9.    Airport can be crowded, so don’t panic or lose your confidence. You will have plenty of time to do things.

10.    After reaching airport, look for a trolley, there are plenty of trolleys scattered on airport just grab one.

11.    Place your baggage on the trolley and handbag on the top, take out your passport and tickets and keep it in your hand.

12.    Press the bar of trolley down-wards and push it to stroll.

13.    While entering security officers may ask for your passport and ticket. Show it to them; they will let you go after checking documents. (This is may not be happen at various airports)

14.    There will be help available inside airport; you can ask about location of your airliner counters. Join the queue of your booked class, there will be other queues also. You can find correct queue by reading TV displays behind the counters.

15.    Takeout you passport, tickets and visa and pass it to boarding pass issuing officer. They will take some time and may ask some questions; answer them confidently and comfortably.

16.    Place the baggage to check-in at rolling platform and keep the handbag with you, they will check-in the baggage, which you can collect it back at your destination.

17.    Boarding pass issuing officer will issue you a boarding pass, an immigration form and a tag for handbag, with your other documents which are passport, ticket and your visa. They will also inform you about your GATE NUMBER to board and the SEAT NUMBER. This information will also be printed on your boarding pass.

18.    Take all documents from them and look for a seat. Attach the tag with your handbag and fill the immigration form.

19.    After getting boarding pass you have to go for immigration check.

20.    Join any queue and keep your passport, visa, filled immigration form and boarding pass in hand. Immigration officer will need this for verification.

21.    After reaching to immigration officers pass all of these documents to them. They will ask some questions, answer them.

22.    Immigration officer will stamp your passport and return back you passport, visa and boarding pass. Clear the immigration area, DO NOT STAND in the immigration area. You can not return back to entrance once you cleared the immigration.

23.    Now you only need your boarding pass, so keep other documents in you handbag.

24.    There will be a security check before you reach to the gate from where you have board plane. They will ask you to place your baggage in the machine to scan it and will scan you also using a metal detector. They will stamp the bag tag and let you go.

25.    You will have plenty of time to find the gate; you can easily locate the gate by reading the number at the top of gates.

26.    Go near the gate and sit down on any chair, keep looking on the display on the top of gate, they will display and make calls when boarding for your flight will start.

27.    Join the queue when boarding starts. Keep you boarding pass in hand.

28.    Either airliner will provide a bus to plane or plane will be connected to a gate using movable tunnel through a corridor.

29.    Show your boarding pass to flight attendant and they will help to get seated and place your baggage in baggage box on the top. You can keep your baggage under the seat in front of you also.

30.    After getting seated they will display various safety measures in a screen.

31.    You can try fastening seat belts or ask for flight attendant for help. Keep it fasten all the time while seating, if you are going to toilet make sure you have fasten it after returning back.

32.    Airplane will take some time to reach take-off strip and then will take-off, it will just be fast nothing else. Once it reaches in air, you will feel like seating in bus.

33.    There is “Fasten Seat Belt” light, which will be switched on in case of Air turbulence. It’s a very common during flight, listen pilot announcement and remain seated.

34.    Your meal will be served as per your request; flight attendants will come and ask for you once it’s ready. If you need any thing other than food, you can call flight attendants by pressing a switch on the top of you.

35.    During the flight the flight attended may give you another immigration form to fill just fill it and keep it with you.

36.    After landing at destination, just follow everyone else, they all will go to immigration check first. You have to go for it also; it may be a long walk from airplane to the immigration check point. Few airports (like Changi) are very big.

37.    Join the queue for immigration check. Show your passport and visa to immigration officer.

38.    You need to collect you checked-in baggage, which you have checked in at origin. You can find the correct rolling plate-form by reading display.

39.    You may need to undergo another round of security check before you leave airport, security officer may approach you or ask for it while you are crossing the gate.

40.    Take a cab to your destination or look for your relatives, after clearing the security check 😉

This post based on traveling from Delhi from Singapore, there may be processes different in different countries and airports.