Marina Barrage

This is addition of one more name in my list of outings… view from the marina barrage was breathtaking, so as the wind…  it was blowing too hard for my “Cheap” tripod 😀 , it was shivering like I use to shiver after taking bath in winters. I am definitely not going to buy a good and heavy tripod; it was just a rarest occasion and will not be often.

We must need to have a zero vibration of tripod while shooting for long exposure, what I consider as long is anything greater than 1/125 sec, most of us can take a hand held clean shot with 1/125 sec, though in my case the exposure was for 10-30 seconds… at one point of time my camera demanded more than 30 seconds and this was the time when packed it to my way back home.


Dusk at Marina Barrage

Defining building at dusk

Defining building at dusk

Long exposure

Few seconds fused togather