Happy Birthday Dad

14 January, its a day of various festivals throughout India and various part of world. Known as Lohri in Punjab, Makar Sankranti in UP and nearby states and Pongal in almost entire South-India. It is celebrated for new crop. This is the only day of year as per Hindu calender which falls on 14 January of Gregorian calendar, due to the fact that Sun enters into “Makar Rashi”.

This is a day of start of great gathering of pilgrims across India and world to my home town Allahabad, to get rid of all sins by taking holy bath in Sangam in month of Magh. Yes! this is known as “Magh Mela”. This mela (fair), offers some great photographic opportunity, unfortunately I am not there 😦 .

I didn’t like the day since my childhood, as we were supposed to take bath without fail, further we had to eat Khichdi, I really didn’t liked to take bath in chilling winters, neither the Khichdi. For those who don’t know what the Khichdi is let me briefly explain that is a dish of Rice and Urad daal or any other available daal (Pulse). Flying kites was another activity of this day, unfortunately I was youngest, so never got a chance 😦 to touch the thread.

And after all these stuff, this is my Dad’s birthday, a very special gentleman born on a very special day.

Happy Birthday Dude … sorry sorry, (slip of tongue 😛 ) … Happy birthday dad !!!