Bali Planning

We were planning to have a Bali trip during this Lunar New Year, as there will be 4 continuous offs this time, but things did not get worked out. There are few reasons behind this failure, first we have returned back from India in November, then the process of long term passes for family. So we were already late for any packaged tour and what was left was too costly.

So we dropped the idea of going out anywhere during this Lunar New Year, rather started exploring options present before or after these holidays. This time Rishi was not with us, as it will be difficult for him get leaves, while Sunil was little slow initially but comes up with some good Air fare deals and hotels for the end of February trip. We have started one step at a time, we have booked the air tickets first and then booked Hotel online, it comes almost one third of cost of trip during lunar new year. Once we were done with air tickets and hotel booking, half battle was already won.

Now it about places of interest and our schedule of each day. For the time being I am alone on this part, googling sites, brainstorming by our own and consulting with friends. Memorizing names of places is bit difficult and there are too many names starts with letter "B". Each one of us on this trip has its own plan to enjoy it, I have mine too (photography of course 🙂 ), hope there will not be any conflict of interest and we all will be able to have fun.

What I have planned so far is roam in south Bali for first day, second day drive to Singaraja and cover what comes on the way, while for third day a trip towards Mt. Agung. We won’t left with any time for West Bali, but this is how the situation is. Someday I will go there again and cover what we couldn’t make this time.

What I have manage to figure out in past few days to see are – beaches, temples, volcano, waterfalls  and  rice terraces. It will take time to travel within the Bali and I am not sure how long it will take, so whether we will be able to cover what we have planned so far is in question mark, we will have a clear idea once we reach there. Till then …

Let me plan 😉