4th Wedding Anniversary

I was my way to work on morning of 4th December, it was like any other day to me, and all of sudden felt the vibrator of my cell phone for a SMS. "Who is it and this early?" Yes! It’s a kind of odd timing for a SMS to me. Most of times, I receive SMS between 5-6 PM from Rishi asking if I can join him for badminton or not. Just to add I seldom receive any phone calls from anyone other than family of few friends, so I can guess who is calling or texting me depending on what time is it. But this SMS at 8:15 of morning! I was totally out of any idea.

"Happy Marriage Anniversary", it says and it was from Anshu… I was lost…

"How can I forget this day?"… "Damm…!"

We slept in same room, she cooked breakfast for me in morning, but did not wish… she was testing my memory, if I remember the day or not… and I failed… failed miserably…

Its unforgivable sin if you forgot the birthday of your girl or wedding anniversary of yours. I was a culprit and stand no where to defend my self by any mean… she has proved it already.

Its either a workday or a off day for a working class like me, moreover I went too busy with things to remember the day… too many things – A new job on new technology, long term passes for kids and Anshu and many other commitments, each of it requires a bone cracking effort. Despite all excuses by which I was forgiving my self but I was still feeling guilty somewhere inside.

"I will do something for her this evening" committed in my mind… and replied text "To you too!"

It was another working day with long hour, 2 more extra hours… I hope you will understand that I just can’t say "I have to go for my wedding anniversary" to my boss in a new company, so here I was… late at home, knowing the fact that she will be waiting for me and expecting something from me. Fortunately the bakery was still open, so bought a cake while my way back home.

It was our 4th wedding anniversary…