Returning Journey

Wishes you best of Eid al-Adha…

Thanks for these holidays, I got some time to rest and rejuvenate my body. Though there were few important works already planned for this morning, which is Anshu and kids’ long term passes but still I was able to get sufficient rest.

Let me start from where I have left, we were at IGI Airport (Indira Gandhi International Airport) and our flight was late. Travelling with very young kids has its own concerns; you can not afford to spend a couple of hours just waiting to takeoff. They have their timings of food and sleep and their milk has limited life span, it will either be spoiled or finished and you will be in trouble. Though all airlines provided food for kids but a slight change of taste and kids will reject it and this is not just that’s it, after this be ready to take their cry. Though we (Anshu and me) are quite "use to" of it, but it will be unwanted entertainment for fellow passengers and this will be something really embarrassing πŸ˜€ .

Anyways we took off at approximately 1:15 AM, 2 hours late from scheduled departure. We reached KL calmly. Airliner was courtesies enough to provide use breakfast and lunch coupons with new boarding pass at KL, but our flight to Singapore was after 2 hours, means 2 more hours of wait again. While having our breakfast Anshu informed that milk for kids is spoiled, thanks to her she was carrying dried milk powder. I used all my coupons to get sugar and hot water from Burger King.

The terminal from where we have to take off was far away from the place where we had our breakfast, moreover later they announced that the gate have been changed to just opposite to the gate from where we were waiting to board and here I noticed stress on Anshu’s face πŸ˜‰ . It was not at all smooth landing at Changi, I guess there was little turbulence at ground level, and plane landed like someone punched it from top to runway. I heard a scream just before touchdown and pin drop silence for some time afterwards. Anyways "All well if it ends well".

Few lessons learned, avoid travelling with young kids as much as possible at first place, never ever book a ticket with break journey and always get direct flight, pram comes handy all the time, carry dry milk powder and make your kids use to it in advance, always keep sufficient number of diapers in your cabin baggage πŸ˜‰ .