India Trip Day 15 and 16

Posting for 21st and 22nd November

I spent some good time on 21st shopping things which I can not get here and few medicines, doing packing and providing support to Anshu in her packing on-phone throughout afternoon. Elder brother AK was also returning to Delhi same day and on same train. I called my youngest bro-in-law to drop my family at railway station. Train (Prayagraj express) was on time and so were we; boarding was done without any difficulty.

22nd November; train arrived 2 hours late due to fog, there was no one expected to come to receive us as brother AK was traveling with us, so hired coolies and cab to. I was kind of "in need" so did not bargain, later brother AK pointed out that we have overpaid both coolies and cab.

Called Anurag, Rajkumar, Farhan and Ragini in afternoon, was thinking to meet them but as there was no plan earlier so could not make it.

We have started for IGI airport as soon as brother AK returned from his institute, it was around 7:30 PM, while getting boarding pass came to know that flight was approximately 2 hours late. It was a flight from Delhi to Singapore via KL, I was sure that I won’t be able to pick connecting flight from KL to Singapore.