India Trip Day 14

19th November was date of wedding, though I was not one of the important people in this event, but still spend my entire night with the process of wedding. A typical Hindu wedding process is very tiring, core ritual of marriage starts early morning (around 2-3 AM), but other events start way early. Barat, Dwarchar, Jaimala, dinner, Fere (+other sub processes), Kohbar and then Vidayee are events which happens in within of 12 hours and all of these in night.

I was awaken entire night watching every thing, I was bit late so missed the Barat, Dwarchar and Jiamala part of it. I was not in mood of photography but took my camera out of car when the actual process of wedding started. Here is one of best (in my opinion, ok???) of Groom, Mr. Shikhar –

I was sleeping entire day after retuning back in the morning, thought to explore international food options available in evening; there are 2, not sure about others…

McDonald (in Allahabad)

Dominos (in Allahabad)

Here is another one fresh and typical vegetable shop, which I have taken last night. 50mm F-1.8 gives more than expected results every time –

Have to start for Delhi this evening and to Singapore tomorrow. Will try to log if got time.