India Trip Day 13 (ii)

I decided to play with my 50mm F-1.8 today, and got some satisfactory results.
Here I have few cheerful faces for you… all of them are around me since I am here 🙂

He is “Pandit Ji” (Priest) who will perform wedding tonight.

And finally “Ladies and Gentlemen”, here is the most important person and most important place in my entire trip. This is place where I am having all my dinners. For those who don’t know what this is, let me tell that this is a “Chat Shop”. It’s a typical mobile fast food shop you can find in Northern India. They are loved for their spicy and hot food mainly “Tikiya” and “Golgappy” (Golgappyes has many other names, known as “Fulki” in Allahabad) 😉