India Trip Day 9

Posting for Sunday 15-Nov

Sharad has suggested to visit a famous and old temple around 60 KM from Allahabad and as always I was ready. Earlier we were planning to visit ‘Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary’ but things didn’t get worked out due to sicknesses all around.

We have started for temple afternoon as Sharad has to open his clinic in first of half of Sundays. Dr. (Prof.) Rajat was not with us, he was busy in some family matters.

While on the way we were thinking about reviving our earlier plan of Wildlife Sanctuary, to start this evening, stay in Varanasi at night and cover Sanctuary next day and return. It is approx 200 KM from Allahabad, and needs 3+ hrs of driving. I was aware that from Monday onwards everyone will be busy in their offices and probably will be able to spare their times. While talking to Sharad on this we have somehow manage to convince him to scarify his first half of day of clinic and promised him that we will return by 5 PM Monday, so that he can continue in second half. Luckily Dr. Rajat also freed himself in the evening, he was as supportive as he was for our Rewa Trip 🙂 . It was decided that we will start for Varanasi at 5 PM this evening. I turned the car back while driving to temple; our trip to the temple was canceled now.

It was a super smooth ride to Varanasi, thanks to the project ‘Golden Quadrilateral’, now we have Varanasi and Kanpur connected with Allahabad by a concrete expressway. Thanks to Rajat also, he manage to get a suite in guest house of BHU (Banaras Hindu University). We had our dinner in Varanasi and good sleep in cozy blankets of BHU guest house. What a delight!!! 😉