India Trip Day 10

Posting for Monday 16-Nov

We have checked-out at 7 AM from BHU guest house to continue our journey to ‘Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary’. Driving uphill on Vindhyachal Range was a pleasure. There was a bad news at gate of sanctuary it self, "there is no water in 2 of its falls namely Rajdari and Devdari", informed by ticketing officer. I was thinking that we are going to repeat our Rewa trip here. While driving-in jungle, I noticed that there was no other tourist group than us, may be because of Monday. We four were the only group in 78 square KM of Jungle…

Luckily there was little water in the fall, just enough for me to create milky effect. This is of first fall Rajdari –

This is second one ‘Devdari’ is approximately 1 KM away (downhill) from Rajdari –

There is barrage constructed on the Chandraprabha River, which controls water flow to falls and used for irrigation purposes. Due to nexlites, security remains on alert all the time.

It started drizzling when we were walking on the barrage and turned into heavy rain while we were driving our way back to Allahabad, resulting into little delay. We returned back at 6 PM.

Here is flower of Beyhaya (English – Shameless) for you, I don’t know the English name it, but these plants can grow from stem and in any condition. We just need to throw a piece of stem.