India Trip Day 6 (ii)

We were stopping at various places to shoot or for a tea break through out the day. Weather was not favorable, it was cloudy as well as thin fog in air, and I was well aware that I won’t be getting good pictures. Actually best time to visit falls and hills of Rewa district is July-September, there is plenty of greenery during these months as it rains in these months, and also there will not be any fog, but it will be hot and humid at the same time. For me driving was definitely a pleasure as cool wind was blowing in this trip.

Our first destination was ruins of Buddhist Stoops of 300-200 BC, approximately 60 KM from Allahabad. These were constructed during Mauryan and Shung Dynasties, later explored in 1999-2000 and then after declared a place of national importance by Archeological Survey of India.

Here is closer look of bricks of Stoop, "God Almighty!!! These are 2300 years old"

Following is the reconstructed group of Stoops at the entrance of main Stoop.

View of Vindyachal Range was breathtaking from this place.

The same location has there places where there are wall paintings of prehistoric men. Unfortunately we could not make it to that place. Here is one of the cave without painting.