India Trip Day 7

I was rejuvenating my system (Nervous, Skelton and Physiological) entire day… Trip to Rewa was so tiring… I did not even enter into the car. It was my bed and me with laptop through out the day… Thanks to wireless connection at home, through which I was able to connect with you all 🙂 …


India Trip Day 6 (v)

As far as covering locations is concerned we were done with that, now we have to find a place where we can fill our tummies, all of us were hungry. Rewa city was 30 KM from Chachai Falls, expecting some good food options we started driving towards there.

Here are few more photographs which I have got on the way to Rewa…

We had our lunch in Rewa and then started our way back to Allahabad. Road condition from Rewa to Allahabad is horrible, and retuning journey was bone cracking.

India Trip Day 6 (iv)

We moved ahead from Govindgarh Fort and Keoti falls to another falls known as ‘Chachai Falls’, we were kind of sure that there will not be any water in the fall. Entire Vidhyachal range is a plateau and we were driving on it, so all falls are can be seen from the top to bottom, further its hard to find a fall if its dry as entire range is rocky. We were lucky to sight the Chachai Falls while driving.

Both of Keoti and Chachai Falls are approximately 130 Meter high, I was imagining view from bottom of falls with water; sadly this was just an imagination.

India Trip Day 6 (iii)

Our next destination after Buddhist Stoops were ‘Keoti Falls’ and ruins of ‘Govindgarh Fort’, both were next to each other. These 2 places are in Chitrakoot of Satna district, approximately 125 KM from Allahabad.

Govindgarh fort is belongs to Maharaja of Rewa and was not having good reputation during its time. Here are few photographs of the place.

Weather was too bad to photograph Keoti falls 😦 , further there was no water in falls…

India Trip Day 6 (ii)

We were stopping at various places to shoot or for a tea break through out the day. Weather was not favorable, it was cloudy as well as thin fog in air, and I was well aware that I won’t be getting good pictures. Actually best time to visit falls and hills of Rewa district is July-September, there is plenty of greenery during these months as it rains in these months, and also there will not be any fog, but it will be hot and humid at the same time. For me driving was definitely a pleasure as cool wind was blowing in this trip.

Our first destination was ruins of Buddhist Stoops of 300-200 BC, approximately 60 KM from Allahabad. These were constructed during Mauryan and Shung Dynasties, later explored in 1999-2000 and then after declared a place of national importance by Archeological Survey of India.

Here is closer look of bricks of Stoop, "God Almighty!!! These are 2300 years old"

Following is the reconstructed group of Stoops at the entrance of main Stoop.

View of Vindyachal Range was breathtaking from this place.

The same location has there places where there are wall paintings of prehistoric men. Unfortunately we could not make it to that place. Here is one of the cave without painting. 

India Trip Day 6 (i)

It was a 300 KM round trip; we (brother BK, Dr. Sharad, Prof. Rajat and me) have started at 4:30 AM and returned back at 9:00 PM. In this trip we have covered various tourist spots of Rewa District of Indian State MP. It will wrong if I summaries every thing in just one post, there were distinct places with distinct importance. So there will be different posts for each of it.

The speed at which we are growing, rural life-style will be completely disappearing in next generation. Few years from now, there will not be any mud wall, there will not be any ‘Khaprail’ roofing, and neither any man will wear ‘Dhoti’ and ‘Safa’.