India Trip Day 3

Was touring around various Ghauts of Allahabad, went to Rasulabad Ghaut in the morning and Sangam in evening.

I have taken this is shot from Sangam showing new Yamuna bridge.  

We were 2 minutes late and to take this I just jumped from the car.


India Trip Day 2

Prayagraj (the train from Delhi to Allahabad) was little late, which is very common in winters, some times fog is so thick that visibility reduced to 2-3 meters, its very difficult to drive or fly, which results into delay in flight or trains in North Indian states.

Second brother was there at railway station to pick me and we were home in 10 minutes. What a relief, finally a battle was won, a battle of reaching Delhi from Singapore via KL and from Delhi to Allahabad. Last 2 days, took every little piece of my stamina, I was sleepless and stressed. Those who have experienced travelling with very young kids and lot of baggage and have to switch flight and trains can better understand my situation, you must be attentive all the time and you must find a solution of unexpected problems in no time, else you will be in trouble.

Anshu left for her father’s house in afternoon, I called Sharad to join me for my Dad’s farm, which is at 1 hour drive from our city home. Here are few photographs for you –

This is Lord Shiv Temple on the way to farm

This I have taken from Roof top of farm

Dad was eager to see his granddaughters so decided to return back with me to city.

I had my favorite Chaat and Goolgappys after a gap of 8 months.