Enjoy it

I want to write a lot tonight and that is why I have chosen this time, its 2:50 AM and no one is around me to disturb. So this is going to be my one of the best entries ๐Ÿ˜€ .

As I mentioned in my earlier post that, I already started cooking-up my ToDo list for India trip and too excited to see everyone and everything there. I have started doing shopping for items, which has been demanded, there will be few additional things from my end also. There will be about a dozen of kids waiting me, so I have to compromise in my own belongings in baggage and keep enough space for things which they want. There are few who are not really kids but much younger than me, so I am counting them in list of kids. I always seen their childhood faces whenever I imaging them, though few of them are married already and few are going to be soon. These are "Gudiya", "Bhauwa", "Tanku" and "Rohit", these are few of my very close youngers. Hope I will be able to get at least one item for everyone.

Other than youngers, there are few elders also. As you can understand they never demanded anything, but I know what they want and what I can do for them to please them; so there will be something for them also. This is something I must do and suppose to do.

I just need a Santa getup, else I am doing all same as he does ๐Ÿ™‚ . Meanwhile do you know "If Santa needs a custom check?" LOL…

Other than physical things there are other demands also, examples รขโ‚ฌโ€œ someone just what to chat with me, someone wants to show me something, someone just wants to see me (Yes! Amazing, isn’t it?) and someone touch me, someone will try to notice how much I have changed in past 8 months and someone wants to go out with me somewhere. Elders want me to listen them, to listen what they want to advice and wants me to follow. Dad is planning for a "Katha" (Prayer) and wants to call all relative over lunch or dinner.

So it’s just not me, but everyone else is planning something for me. I am not sure whom I can ignore. Youngers – I don’t want to break their heart, elders – I can not do as they will conclude that I lost respect for them and friends – they will think I become arrogant. The best idea will be to just come out at New Delhi Airport and start a new job. A new job to keep everyone happy till I am there, do not decide any thing and follow what other wants. This will definitely end up in a chaotic trip for me but (hopefully) I will be able to keep everyone else happy. Sometime I question myself "Do I really have a right to enjoy my vacation by my way?", The answer come is "NOOOOO". This is not because of anyone else, but me, I am responsible for it, "Why I have become so lovable to them?".

I guess I need a little more talent here, to please everyone at the same time live these 2 weeks at fullest…