Again "Aap sabhi ko Diwali ki bahut bahut shubhkamnayen" (My best wishes for Diwali) 🙂 .

Left office at 4 PM on Friday, it’s a practice to give half day off before religious festivals, if the day before is not a holiday (its unofficial, so don’t tell anyone one 😛 ) and applicable to only those who are celebrating it.

As I already did most of my shopping so was not in hurry to reach home. Went to Mustafa directly from work to get some sweets, we can easily get "Kaaju ki Barfi" and "Besan ke ladoo" throughout year. I was bit lucky as occupancy was half of the limit defined. Unlike, bus #857 was jam packed and it was worthless to think of seat while returning. I was sweating even with AC on. I was thinking of Allahabad, where the weather is just cool to put a wind-cheater or half-sweater on and chill-out. Excuse me! It’s wrong to compare two different places, every place has ease and hardship. Actually it’s wrong to compare any two things, places or individuals as everyone is uniquely created by All Mighty.

Thursday was "Dhan Teras"; it’s a day when Hindus have to buy some metallic object. It can be gold or silver coin, ornament or some kitchen utensils of steel, anything metallic will work, (depends how big your pocket is 😉 ). Anshu decided to get few utensils, all ‘Made in China’ 😛 , I guess workers of the shop were also Chinese and wondering why there are so many people buying utensils today 🙂 . New dresses for Aashi and Ishu were must to get.

This evening we went to the badminton court after "Pooja" (prayer) for firework; firework was just "Fuljhari" (Sparklers) and again ‘Made in China’, the best firework which Aashi and Ishu can enjoy 🙂