More customization of simpleviewer

As I mentioned in my other posts that I am using simpleviewer for my album. There were few minor fixes on my custom work which I wanted to finish over last weekend. It was too interesting to work on custom work that I dropped all my plans to go out and keep on doing it.

What I initially planned to finish was to not let the RSS populate photographs which don’t have my signature into it. It was a very quick job, as I was just needed to add a condition in RSS script. While doing it, I realized that it will be good to have a dynamic XML script for SimpleViewer. I tried my concept on that and one works well. So now I am no longer using different XML for different categories but just one PHP script to populate XML on fly, I also added a piece of code to generate thumbnail if not existing.

My own administrative interface was very basic, later I thought to add a thumbnail upload section as in some cases thumbnail was not automatically generated from the photographs.

May be I will finish the administrative end over coming weekends. What I have in my ToDo list is 

  • To make all folders (large image folder, thumbnail folder etc.) dynamic and make it configurable in configuration file.
  • Make entire custom work plug able to simpleviewer including administrative interface.
  • Make a provision to add various categories and upload photographs from administrative interface.

All of these but without any database of course 😀

More suggestions are welcomed as comments are open now. 😛

You can visit the work done and see the frontend at

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More later…