Catching up

Before I start with my excuses 😛 , here a photograph for you, this is Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, present very near to Chinatown MRT station. First time when I saw it, I decided to shoot it and did it today. It is one of the finest examples of Chinese architecture in Singapore.


Well O’ well, my apologies for everything 😀 . I hope I will be able to explain reason of The Question "why I was not logging enough since many days?"

Too many things were happening during past 2 week, Dashera (Vijayadashami), Eid, my birthday and Singapore F1.

We did nothing for Dashera but there were Sewaiyan on Eid, sponsored by Anshu.

26 September was my birthday, it was Saturday and I was sitting in office. What is the point in celebrating a day when you will become a year older, moreover its time for kids to celebrate their birthdays, I am finding my self too old for any celebration. Please don’t blame me for typical Indian mentality for this 🙂 , but really… I slowly started disliking crowd, noise, and chatting people around me and started loving to live alone from past few days… just with me and myself!

There was a big mayhem in job from past couple of weeks; I was bit lucky to come out of it on time and without getting affected. "I guess" things will be more or less smooth after this. This was main reason why I was not taking up log from some time. Honestly speaking job is becoming our first priority of life…