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I want to write a lot tonight and that is why I have chosen this time, its 2:50 AM and no one is around me to disturb. So this is going to be my one of the best entries πŸ˜€ .

As I mentioned in my earlier post that, I already started cooking-up my ToDo list for India trip and too excited to see everyone and everything there. I have started doing shopping for items, which has been demanded, there will be few additional things from my end also. There will be about a dozen of kids waiting me, so I have to compromise in my own belongings in baggage and keep enough space for things which they want. There are few who are not really kids but much younger than me, so I am counting them in list of kids. I always seen their childhood faces whenever I imaging them, though few of them are married already and few are going to be soon. These are "Gudiya", "Bhauwa", "Tanku" and "Rohit", these are few of my very close youngers. Hope I will be able to get at least one item for everyone.

Other than youngers, there are few elders also. As you can understand they never demanded anything, but I know what they want and what I can do for them to please them; so there will be something for them also. This is something I must do and suppose to do.

I just need a Santa getup, else I am doing all same as he does πŸ™‚ . Meanwhile do you know "If Santa needs a custom check?" LOL…

Other than physical things there are other demands also, examples Γ’β‚¬β€œ someone just what to chat with me, someone wants to show me something, someone just wants to see me (Yes! Amazing, isn’t it?) and someone touch me, someone will try to notice how much I have changed in past 8 months and someone wants to go out with me somewhere. Elders want me to listen them, to listen what they want to advice and wants me to follow. Dad is planning for a "Katha" (Prayer) and wants to call all relative over lunch or dinner.

So it’s just not me, but everyone else is planning something for me. I am not sure whom I can ignore. Youngers – I don’t want to break their heart, elders – I can not do as they will conclude that I lost respect for them and friends – they will think I become arrogant. The best idea will be to just come out at New Delhi Airport and start a new job. A new job to keep everyone happy till I am there, do not decide any thing and follow what other wants. This will definitely end up in a chaotic trip for me but (hopefully) I will be able to keep everyone else happy. Sometime I question myself "Do I really have a right to enjoy my vacation by my way?", The answer come is "NOOOOO". This is not because of anyone else, but me, I am responsible for it, "Why I have become so lovable to them?".

I guess I need a little more talent here, to please everyone at the same time live these 2 weeks at fullest…



Again "Aap sabhi ko Diwali ki bahut bahut shubhkamnayen" (My best wishes for Diwali) πŸ™‚ .

Left office at 4 PM on Friday, it’s a practice to give half day off before religious festivals, if the day before is not a holiday (its unofficial, so don’t tell anyone one πŸ˜› ) and applicable to only those who are celebrating it.

As I already did most of my shopping so was not in hurry to reach home. Went to Mustafa directly from work to get some sweets, we can easily get "Kaaju ki Barfi" and "Besan ke ladoo" throughout year. I was bit lucky as occupancy was half of the limit defined. Unlike, bus #857 was jam packed and it was worthless to think of seat while returning. I was sweating even with AC on. I was thinking of Allahabad, where the weather is just cool to put a wind-cheater or half-sweater on and chill-out. Excuse me! It’s wrong to compare two different places, every place has ease and hardship. Actually it’s wrong to compare any two things, places or individuals as everyone is uniquely created by All Mighty.

Thursday was "Dhan Teras"; it’s a day when Hindus have to buy some metallic object. It can be gold or silver coin, ornament or some kitchen utensils of steel, anything metallic will work, (depends how big your pocket is πŸ˜‰ ). Anshu decided to get few utensils, all ‘Made in China’ πŸ˜› , I guess workers of the shop were also Chinese and wondering why there are so many people buying utensils today πŸ™‚ . New dresses for Aashi and Ishu were must to get.

This evening we went to the badminton court after "Pooja" (prayer) for firework; firework was just "Fuljhari" (Sparklers) and again ‘Made in China’, the best firework which Aashi and Ishu can enjoy πŸ™‚

More customization of simpleviewer

As I mentioned in my other posts that I am using simpleviewer for my album. There were few minor fixes on my custom work which I wanted to finish over last weekend. It was too interesting to work on custom work that I dropped all my plans to go out and keep on doing it.

What I initially planned to finish was to not let the RSS populate photographs which don’t have my signature into it. It was a very quick job, as I was just needed to add a condition in RSS script. While doing it, I realized that it will be good to have a dynamic XML script for SimpleViewer. I tried my concept on that and one works well. So now I am no longer using different XML for different categories but just one PHP script to populate XML on fly, I also added a piece of code to generate thumbnail if not existing.

My own administrative interface was very basic, later I thought to add a thumbnail upload section as in some cases thumbnail was not automatically generated from the photographs.

May be I will finish the administrative end over coming weekends. What I have in my ToDo list is 

  • To make all folders (large image folder, thumbnail folder etc.) dynamic and make it configurable in configuration file.
  • Make entire custom work plug able to simpleviewer including administrative interface.
  • Make a provision to add various categories and upload photographs from administrative interface.

All of these but without any database of course πŸ˜€

More suggestions are welcomed as comments are open now. πŸ˜›

You can visit the work done and see the frontend at


-    Other related posts are

More later…


The Entry

Here is my entry for canon contest; the theme is "Texture".

The plant name is Macrorrhiza Maki "I guess". When sun is right on the top the view from behind looks cool, you can see every fine details of leaf. I photographed it first with my N95, then I tried with 50 mm, F1.8 on my 1000D, but results were unsatisfactory. Then I finally mounted my kit lens (18-55mm F 3.5~5.6) today. Somehow the sharpness of different lenses at same F-number are different, even thought rest other setting were same. Am I wrong? I donÒ€ℒt know !!!

And yes! before I end this entry, comments will be open from now on.

Counting days

As days to my next India trip are coming closer, I am feeling more and more excited for the warmth of family, cold of climate, fun with friends and joy and adventure of outing. I already started scheduling my days there and cooking up my to-do list for my stay there.

A lot to do especially outings, there are plenty of places around Allahabad, where I always wanted to go and see, and for this time being an improved photographer (not expert yet πŸ˜› ) to shoot also.

My love towards landscape photography is making me dream in day, I can visualize those places and the end result at my computer screen, though I am thousands of kilometers away from those locations.

I will definitely bring "The City Γ’β‚¬β€œ Allahabad" to the world of landscape photography and I promise I won’t disappoint you πŸ™‚ …

Catching up

Before I start with my excuses πŸ˜› , here a photograph for you, this is Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, present very near to Chinatown MRT station. First time when I saw it, I decided to shoot it and did it today. It is one of the finest examples of Chinese architecture in Singapore.


Well O’ well, my apologies for everything πŸ˜€ . I hope I will be able to explain reason of The Question "why I was not logging enough since many days?"

Too many things were happening during past 2 week, Dashera (Vijayadashami), Eid, my birthday and Singapore F1.

We did nothing for Dashera but there were Sewaiyan on Eid, sponsored by Anshu.

26 September was my birthday, it was Saturday and I was sitting in office. What is the point in celebrating a day when you will become a year older, moreover its time for kids to celebrate their birthdays, I am finding my self too old for any celebration. Please don’t blame me for typical Indian mentality for this πŸ™‚ , but really… I slowly started disliking crowd, noise, and chatting people around me and started loving to live alone from past few days… just with me and myself!

There was a big mayhem in job from past couple of weeks; I was bit lucky to come out of it on time and without getting affected. "I guess" things will be more or less smooth after this. This was main reason why I was not taking up log from some time. Honestly speaking job is becoming our first priority of life…